Funtional Artistry

Functional Artistry


Brian Bachman of Tallahassee FL has been a practicing potter since 1977. He specializes in producing affordable functional items and complicated interior accessories in limited editions.

His goals are " make pots that are successful on many levels: they must be a pleasure to use, be durable and well-made, and be visually appealing with interesting forms and beautiful glazes."

Teapot and cup set Ceramic basket with wicker handle Teapot and cup set

Artist Statement

My pottery has evolved and changed over the years, but it has always remained true to a basic premise. Each piece should feel as though it has come directly from my hands to yours. I believe that good design is welcoming and personal, and is an integral part of real life.

My inspiration comes from observing the everyday rituals we all enjoy. Savoring a cup of coffee from a favorite mug, sharing tea with friends or public commitments of faith and devotion bring us comfort and peace. There is a moment of timelessness that occurs when someone uses and enjoys a handmade piece of art. The pursuit of that moment is the challenge I accept each time I enter my studio.